The Rite Life provides nutritional and fitness programs tailored for your unique lifestyle. Fad diets are not designed for sustainability, because every individual is unique and has different needs. Rite Life is a custom lifestyle program created for your unique schedule and nutritional requirements. 


Meet Your Dietitian

Alex Concepcion is a board certified licensed registered dietitian. He has competed in all classes of bodybuilding including; men’s physique, bodybuilding, and the newly introduced classic physique. He is a 2X nationally qualified competitor and top 5 USAS national body building competitor. He has spent the last 10 years studying and developing the Rite Life method through extensive research and personal training. 

The Rite Results


“Trust the process” his favorite quote, haha. Seriously though this guy definitely helped me out. With no experience in the Physique Competition area I reached out to him if he could coach me, with every step of the process from prepping to being on the stage he was there for me."

-Melvin M.

I was depressed and pre-diabetic with high cholesterol so I decided to change the way I looked and felt. Since one year ago today, I have lost 50lbs and I feel the best that I've ever felt in my life."

- Joanne C.

 Alex not only changed the way I look at eating food (good/clean food) and the nutritional aspect of it all but how I look at the number on the scale, it doesn't define me anymore."

-Malina R.